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The Posts that You Require to Avoid if You are an Employee in a Given Company

The social media is one of the outcomes of the modern technology and it has been associated with many advantages that it brings to the people in socializing, marketing of businesses among other important things. In the social media, people socialize by expressing themselves through posts, which can be pictures, texts or videos. Posting on the social media is free and people are expected to express themselves on the social media but this will have consequences if you post things that are not acceptable. For the employees, it is important to watch what you post on your social media account as this may affect your job. It is hence important to have social media etiquette. Below are some of the things that you should avoid posting on your social media account as an employee.

The first thing to avoid posting on the social media when you are an employee of a given company is the details about your salary or wages. In most cases, nobody will feel comfortable with the amount that they earn for the job that they do. You should however not create a paystub drama on the social media by posting about the salary that you earn. This is because there are other workers in the company who may be receiving a payment that is lower than yours and this might cause a lot of problems in the company. The best thing to do when you have problems with the salary you get is to speak to the human resource manager.

When you are an employee in a given company, you should avoid posting about the grievances that you have on the social media. When you work in a company or any other place where you interact much with the other workers and your employer, you will at some time find that you are not in good terms with them. You will find such situations in most of the jobs. It is hence important to act professionally and post your frustrations on the social media because such may see you lose your job.

The other thing that you need to do when you are an employee of a given company is to have control of what you post on the social media. People say that you are free to express yourself through the social media but you also should try to uphold your dignity. In this, you should not have posts that show hatred, those that hurt others, sexist posts and other bad posts. This might change the perspective that the employer has about you.

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