A New Report Compares Oracle NetSuite to Other ERP Solutions

The right enterprise resource planning system can help make any modern organization more competitive. With today’s top products of this kind inevitably boasting a huge range of features, it can be challenging to come to grips with the strengths and weaknesses of each.

One especially enlightening recent report looks at how the sometimes overlooked Oracle NetSuite compares to SAP’s alternative, as well as industry averages. As the analysis makes clear, Oracle’s product will be worth considering for many businesses.

A Strong Performance, Mostly Across the Board

Although NetSuite might not be quite as well known as certain other platforms, it offers up a well rounded take on enterprise resource planning. The authors of the new study highlight how it performs with regard to:

  • Financial management and analysis: As might be expected, NetSuite fares fairly well in this important respect. Coming in well above the industry average, it trails the SAP ERP platform by only a little bit. That will help make it a strong contender for many organizations who also have other requirements.
  • Inventory management: NetSuite once again makes a strong showing with its inventory related features. Whether for wholesalers and retailers or manufacturers needing a way to keep track of their output before shipping it onward to clients, the software package is well equipped with tools designed to instill order and more.
  • Human resources: One way by which NetSuite might disappoint some, according to the authors of the report, is with its features that are dedicated to making hiring, promotion, dismissal, and other talent related tasks easier. At the same time, it rates no worse in the estimation of the authors than the average package on the market today.

A Worthy Contender for Many Businesses

With NetSuite performing at least in line with industry norms in a number of other significant respects, this is a platform that many companies will benefit from at least considering. Even if it does not quite boast the maturity of the SAP platform that so many businesses end up choosing, it offers a fair number of innovative and exclusive features of its own. In quite a few common cases, as the study makes clear, NetSuite will therefore make an excellent choice.

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